4 Reasons Why Self Investment is Important in 2022

The overnight changing fashions and fastly escalating prices are all patches of our daily life pain! But what to do when it comes to investing your hard-earned money in the right place while managing your budget?

Well, there are several ways to focus on self-investment in 2022. 

To survive, you need to find out ways to be gross in this world; referring to this, some people opt for 5-9 jobs, others go for freelancing with no office compulsions. Whatever the mode, people are in a marathon to earn more and more as time passes. 

But have you ever thought of earning money without adding physical pain or effort? 

Yes, it is possible only if you know how to spend your income in more productive ways. 

Along with doing a regular job people also invest their somewhat 10% money in companies, new businesses, or innovations.

Up to 75% of Americans and 72% of millennials from over the world are self-directed investors.

This shows the general trend of people trying to boost their economic status by saturating their money through independent investments.

The figure is strong enough for a reluctant person to take steps and invest his/her money on their behalf with assurance.

You must be wondering where and how to invest when self-investment is claimed to be the only way out of the daily financial crisis. There are several options a person can go for and we’ve got you covered in every way!

Bank Savings:

Savings, money market, and certificate times are the simplest and most convenient methods of independent investments.

The money market is a short-term investment that involves individual investors and their mutual funds, this results in heavy returns while certificates are bank products that offer fixed interest for a fixed period in return for the customer’s money deposits.

All of these modes are liquid and mostly are the first option in an emergency and so are the splendid modes of putting your money in for your future self.

Security and Commodities:

It includes stocks and bonds which are certificates to sell for a company’s expansion and its launch.

Whereas commodities are contracts for future trade of cash crops that are valuable market products. Either of them is a promising method of saving and multiplying your capital.


For some investing money might mean purchasing stocks bonds or putting your money in saving accounts while for others it is turning their money into more idle form. It can be purchasing a plot, gold, or a market for retailer services.

That way you will have stable and consistent financial support for your daily necessities.


 Sometimes your hobbies turn out to be way more fruitful than you ever think. So, if you are fond of collecting artworks, antiques, or even coins, you are in another sense saving your money for later use. 


All in all, you have myriad options to invest in once you decide, the only thing to keep in mind is your risk tolerance. Do not ever put enough of your capital that might lead to bankruptcy in case of risks. 

The intelligent move in business is to invest not more than 10% of your income. Resultantly you will encounter lower risks of liquidating your finances.

You can use your finances to buy stocks, bonds, and shares of a company, or even invest your money on innovations of the time like tesla, the Mars project, or any reliable idea a student comes up with.

Now that we have come to a point where investment seems to be compulsory if you are willing to enjoy an economically stable life with your endearing ones, let’s have a thorough look at the perks and pros of being an independent investor.



Although there are several benefits related to self-investment, let’s start with the most worn yet the most on-demand benefit of investment, MONEY. 

Money is what people strive for, from middle age till death. It is an asset we need to live, support our lifestyle and have access to luxuries.

Most often we hear the statement “Money can’t buy happiness”, but the truth is money has always been a source of dopamine burst among humans. 

You enjoy eating scrummy meals at an expensive restaurant, you feel elated when you buy your mother her favorite fabric or when your dream car is affordable for you, that’s when money has brought you excitement, satisfaction, and happiness whatever you name it. 

The only steps are, to isolate your safe-to-go money, shortlist some reliable companies to invest in, and finally invest your money.

According to research, investors gross nearly $4.7 each month in America which can “provide a steady stream of retirement income that will last a lifetime.” as stated by Kiplinger.

Meanwhile, Forbes is satisfied with the sum and says it could help you “retire rich” and seriously what is more promising than retiring rich?

Moreover, in 2019 the non-financial corporations in the EU contributed 40% of profit and 25% to business investment.

People who invest their income always reap the benefits sooner or later. On the other hand, the thick competition in corner offices might not lift the workers even if they work like robots throughout their lives.

So, in essence, we should always invest even a bit of money for a better future.

Investment is an open door, when unemployed


Secondly, having our money invested in a small or a large business ensures our survival however bad the condition is.

At times, you are unemployed, you have no other source of income, and these investments might be reassuring in such a crisis.

When you are fired, you still have many responsibilities to tackle such as paying for electricity bills, the academic fee of your kid, and hospital dues in case of emergency. 

These expenses do not fade out when your paycheck is in thin air. If you were not an investor in your good times, in the situations mentioned above, your hard work will all be in vain, your empty hands would be useless if you are unable to feed your family. 

Whereas, if you had foreseen the situation and had invested somewhere for your future self, you don’t need to worry. You can use your savings or investment in your hard times. 

Taxes and inflation are no longer a problem:


When you buy stocks in a company it provides you with fixed interests or money returns. The equity returns with consistency constitute a significant back.

However, the world has its cycle of the economy that goes from high taxes to low taxes and inflation to deflation. 

But when you have your stocks, you pass the inflation or high taxes period unaffected. 

The equity investment can benefit the investors with meek tax treatment over the long term. Hence, investing is also a tool to overcome the effects of the poor economy of your country.

Tailor to your changing needs:


Human beings are living in a world of variables. We have little in common when compared with our past selves and will be a lot more different in near future. 

Likewise, as a person grows with time so will grow his needs and demands as he goes through different phases of life. 

From school fee to university fee, from a bicycle to a splendid up-to-date vehicle, from minimal childhood expenses to adulthood purchases, from buying a toy to a branded product, you and your expense increases. 

Your dreams to are dependent on your financial status sometimes. For accomplishing your dreams and needs at the same time, in this era of inflation, you must have permanent financial backing.

The financial support from your parents and that too a strong one is a rare situation. Not everyone is rich in family, so the only way out of the situation is your INVESTMENT!

 Investments are a great source of managing your desires and budget simultaneously. To live a standard life you need to have a perpetuated fount of money, that is possible only if you have some money plowed in. 


In conclusion, plowing in your money somewhere productive is the best reward you offer to yourself. Just keep in mind the risk tolerance and multiply your sum through investments. Investment is in other sense security for your future.

Let us know in the comments below how you would invest your money!

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